I’m Tolu Johnson and I’m here to help you succeed in your Business Analyst Interview.

From feeling frustrated to getting that job you desire, it’s all about taking the right action and doing the things you think you can’t and I am here to help you to do just that.

You might say, what gives me the right to say so!!! Yes, because I have been in your shoes several times and there is an old saying, experience is the best teacher. I am an experienced business analyst and certified scrum master with so many successful job interviews and multiple job offers at any time under my belt, having contracted for years.

So many people don’t like interviews. There’s a lot at stake, and they get fearful. They worry they’ll say the wrong things and will be seen through as a fake who shouldn’t have any kind of work, let alone a cool job as a Business Analyst.

I’m different. I love interviews. They’ve never made me scared, because I’ve always looked on them as me interviewing them (pro tip!). And if we get on, and everything else is right, I might just accept the job. If not, I’ve dodged a role that wasn’t right for me, and I’ve learned something new about how to handle interviews like a pro.

Look – I’m the woman who did an interview for a job in UAE, Australia, even though I had zero intention of going there (kangaroos – they’re just wrong). Interviews are my idea of fun – someone has to listen to me, and we get to drink coffee while we chat. Does it get better than that during working hours?

Anyway, I learned so much about how to handle an interview from having done so many. They weren’t all successful, especially at the start of my career, and that itself taught me lots. Later I got to sit on interview panels and learned more that way. Plus, I researched, and kept notes that I went back to. Most of all, I concentrated on Who I Am, and that helped make sure I was a round peg looking for a round hole. In time, friends started asking me for advice on how to cope with interviews they had coming up. Then their friends heard about their new jobs, and my details got passed on.

From there it’s been a journey of figuring out the specifics of what it is I’m good at and finding ways to pass it on to other people. And it’s not just the interviews. Even to get one, you’ve got to have your head screwed on about putting a quality CV together, and knowing how to find the Business Analyst job that’s the ideal next step in your career.

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