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How you respond to a setback says a lot about you. And that skill is critical in ensuring your long-term success in the field of Business Analysis. You’re not going to get offered every job you do an interview for. And that’s a good thing. Not every job deserves you as a candidate – and you don’t deserve to get every job. That might sound harsh, but think it through with me. There are jobs you think you want

Confidence has been turned into a quality that we often associate with media icons rather than regular human beings. Robbie Williams bounds onto stage, and within seconds a stadium is smiling with him, laughing with him, moved by his vocals. Nicola Adams steps into the ring and gives it her all, and retains her Olympic record – then does an interview where she’s charm itself.

Some people talk to me about how they’ve prepared for an interview, and they make me laugh. They put in a huge amount of effort into how they will be seen so as to show themselves in the best light. They spend ages selecting the perfect interview jacket (somewhere between classic and modern is what most people settle on) and the shoes that will go with it.

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