Why failing interviews for business analyst roles is a good thing.

by admin | May 29, 2017 | No Comments

How you respond to a setback says a lot about you. And that skill is critical in ensuring your long-term success in the field of Business Analysis.

You’re not going to get offered every job you do an interview for. And that’s a good thing. Not every job deserves you as a candidate – and you don’t deserve to get every job. That might sound harsh, but think it through with me.

There are jobs you think you want, until the interviewer helps you realise that actually – you don’t. Maybe it’s what they state or imply about the role. The company. The person you’d be working under. But finding out that the situation would be toxic for you counts as a win. You get to live another day, and find a better environment for your skills.

Maybe you wanted the job too much. It’s the same as being on a date. You can be so fixated in success, you forget to enjoy the moment and come across too…eager. And that doesn’t feel like a win to the interviewer, who wants some sense of having coaxed you.

There are 101 other maybes – actually many more. And I discover more all the time, by talking to candidates and interviewers. Plus, I have my memory to draw on. Remember, I’m the woman who goes for Business Analyst interviews just out of curiosity. I’ve been offered jobs I have zero intention of taking, just to see if my theory about the role or interviewer was right, and to practice my interview skills.

Now, admittedly, me enjoying interviews as a hobby makes me a freak of nature. But it also gives me insights into the whole process that you won’t get elsewhere. Curious about whether how I dressed affected how I was perceived in interviews, I turned up to several wearing some of the cheesier offerings from my wardrobe, behind the door labelled Disco. And I was still offered jobs. Wondering just how much difference voice tone has when you’re talking with an interviewer, I was offered no jobs at all when I spoke in a monotone. As soon as I put some oomph back into my talking, I was offered a job.

Really, there isn’t such a thing as a bad outcome. The only failure, is the failure to learn from what happened. And believe me, there’s always something to learn. Maybe you’ll be wrong – you’ll think you’re onto something about eye contact, but then realise it’s not that and then there’ll be another theory. That’s fine. Our brains are entertained by stuff like that. And if they’re entertained, our minds do wonders for us. That’s how come, when the time is right, everything falls into place, and we get that job. But to bounce back, you’ve got to mess up in the first place – so, here’s to failure!

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