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If you’re a great Business Analyst who’s a failure at getting jobs, you need me in your corner.

Despite many available resources on how to succeed at job interviews, we still don’t do RIGHT thing TO GIVE THE DESIRED RESULT and we wonder why we never got that job.
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  • To take charge during interview
  • To form a habit that consistently demonstrate your thought process to the interviewer
  • To understand the tips for mastering the business analyst interview
  • To understand how to connect your previous BA experience to the current position you are interviewing for?
  • To understand how to turn your CV to dynamite that get the attention of the people who hold the key to your future job.
  • To decide on your three main messages: Experience, ability and personality when searching for your next role

The CV review session I had with you has made a lot of difference to my job search, you helped me identify the power of understanding Who I am, and what I wanted from my next BA role. This helped me re-focus my CV and I have been surprisingly getting

Chika J

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Book yourself in for your free 15 minutes introductory Skype call. This session will help me understand your current position, discuss various services I do offer, including their prices. I will also give you a taste of what you can benefit from working with me and help make sure we’ re a good fit.

If you are not interested in potentially working with me, and just fancy a free coaching session, DON’T even bother to select the button below. I only have limited spaces for new business analyst interview coaching clients per months, so I am not ready to deal with Tyre-kickers.