CV Review

Dynamite CV = Successful Short listings

Face it. You need a dynamite CV to get the attention of the people who hold the key to your future. And having researched and spoken to so many agency/interviewers about them, I know just what to do make yours stand out. Let’s talk about that.

What’s involved?

During the session, you will:

  • Learn how to organise your CV in a way that captivates recruiters .
  • Learn how to Understand the purpose of your CV.
  • Understand how to turn your CV to a tool that gets you your desired Business Analyst job.
  • Learn how to use concrete details in your CV.
  • Learn how to find your focus.
  • Learn how to understand what employers want and including it in your CV.
  • Understand how to focus, select and bullet point relevant qualifications to put on your CV.
  • Understand how to look at your CV from a recruiter’s perspective.

CV Review Service

  • How to tailor your CV to match who you are and your desired outcomes.
  • How to focus and select the most relevant qualifications to put on your business analyst CV.
  • How to cross bullet points that communicate those qualifications.
  • How to organise your CV so that those qualifications stand out and you’re CV gets read.


If there’s anything else you’d like me to do, assuming you’re a (guess what) Business Analyst, I’d love to hear what! Contact us

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