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Confident candidate = Successful job interview

What if the secret to interview success was as simple as knowing for sure you’re great for the job and speaking from that place rather than downloading the rubbish that’s cluttering your mind?

Getting an Interviewer to Accept That the Job Is Yours

It’s often the case that confidence and not competence is what makes people shine in interviews. That’s something that can be dealt with. How can you get where an interviewer is coming from at the same time as making sure they get every fiber of your being says you’re the ideal person for the role that they’re guarding? What’s the secret to being on top of your facts and having some ace questions, and not being self-conscious about it all? What is there isn’t a secret, and you can just let awesome interviews happen?

What’s involved?

During the session, you will:

  • Find out how to connect past experiences to future challenges to show how you can cope.
  • Understand what your unique selling points are.
  • Find out how to meet the project needs of the interviewer.
  • Find out why a personal pitch will help you stand out in your business analyst interview.
  • Learn how to answer competence based questions.
  • Learn how to present confidently for interview.
  • Understand when to lead in an interview, and when to take a back seat.
  • Learn how to create a state where your thoughts line up with your words.
  • Learn how to identify and pull together your BA projects and work samples.

All Packages

  • How to have the right mindset towards your interview.
  • Analysing the business analyst job opportunity.
  • Best way to present your response in a way that meets the Interviewers need.
  • How to create a compelling story.
  • How to close your interview to leave a strong and lasting impression.
  • Building Case Study Scenarios

    £ 200 for Skype

    £ 220 for Face to Face

    (120 minutes)

    Book Case scenarios

  • How to identify your past projects.
  • How to pull together and document your experiences for interviews.
  • How to relate your past experiences with the current role.
  • How to understand what counts as BA experience.
  • Mock Interview Coaching

    £ 100 for Skype

    £ 120 for Face to Face

    (75 minutes)

    Book Mock Interview

  • Discover the mistakes you are making and how to avoid them.
  • Get live feedback to see where you are going wrong.
  • Practice with tough questions and those that you fear most.
  • Learn how to create and deliver powerful, strong answers.
  • Excel in Competency Based and Behavioural interviews.
  • Communicate confidently, smoothly and professionally.
  • Be more confident and leave a strong and lasting impression.
  • Sell yourself effectively and get the jobs you want.
  • How to structure a presentation in a clear way.
  • How to effectively Rehearse.
  • Learn how to channel nervous energy.
  • Learn how to talk naturally and make eye contact.
  • How to answer questions honestly and concisely.
  • All the Above.


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